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A meeting was held at 10:30 (17/07/ 2019), in FAHS Room # 219, with the Editor Sir Arif of Asian Journal of Allied Health Sciences (AJAHS), Head of Department (HOD) Sajid Shaheen and all faculty members of the University Institute of Radiological Sciences and Medical Imaging Technologies (UIRSMIT) for the structural format of the “Pakistan Journal of Radiological and Medical Imaging Sciences” (PJRSMI). It was advised by the Editor of Asian Journal of Allied Health Sciences (AJAHS) that Pattern in-chief of the journal will be Mr. M A Raoof, Edictor in-chief Prof. Dr. Syed Amir Gillani, and Editor Dr. Sajid Shaheen Malik and the rest of the Editorial board should be selected by mutual consciences by the Head of the Department and faculty members in their isolated meeting. It was added that Two Co-Editors, two Coordinators, Statistical officer, Audit team, National and international peer-reviewers should be selected soon.

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