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There are four major divisions in medical imaging (Radiological Sciences) Diagnostic Radiography, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy. Now a day’s Medical Imaging relies heavily on computer controlled equipments with the image productions and processing emphasizing new techniques i.e. digital image processing, picture archiving &communication system (PACS) etc. In addition, the medical diagnostic ultrasound is believed to be a diagnostic tool which is replacing the stethoscope of a physician. Today, a physician cannot cope with rapid advancements in the computerized technologies unless he chooses the option of upgrading his knowledge including clinical as well as diagnostic advances. Medical Imaging (Radiological Sciences) especially Medical Diagnostic Ultrasound, CT and MRI curriculum s should be aligned with new technology and national or regional requirements. Our goal at Radiology Research Section is to train our residents and clinical fellows to face all aspects and challenges of our constantly evolving specialty.

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17 July,2019

Minutes of Meeting

01 July,2019

Islamic grooming of the faculty of UIRSMIT

28 November,2018

Islamic Society of The University of Lahore organized Naat Khawani at Expo Center, Lahore

28 November,2018

The University of Lahore sponsored an event "Talent Gala" in collaboration with other universities at Expo Ce...

27 November,2018

Sports Fest 2018

24 October,2018

Seminar on OBS/GYNAE Ultrasound